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French-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or French and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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thank you and best wishes » answer
by ddubbs (UN), 2017-05-06, 01:50  Spam?  
Bonjour, could someone please help me with the following (translation):

Congratulations on your achievements and best wishes for the future.

Restaurant name  » answer
by bmd, 2017-05-01, 02:03  Spam?  103.3.169...

I need to know what the translation for 'The Beef House Bar and Grill' is

Any responses are greatly appreciated.

Writing to a French University » answer
by browcliffe, 2017-03-04, 13:32  Spam?  88.111.151...
Hello! I am writing to the admissions office of a French University and need to say this:
'I am currently filling out the application form but I cannot find the option for studying at the campus in Paris which is where I'd like to study starting 2017'.

I would really appreciate some help with this, thank you!
Ecrire à une université francaise  #866488
by IceSkaarj (BE), 2017-03-09, 20:06  Spam?  
En ce moment, je suis remplir la forme d'application mais je ne peux pas trouver l'option pour étudier au campus à Paris. Je voudrais étudier là en 2017.
Je suis remplir?  #867978
by Catesse (AU), 2017-04-03, 09:23  Spam?  
Don't believe it. Sorry that I cannot be sure of perfection at this level.
3 Page English to French Translation needed before March 3  » answer
by jackiej2 , 2017-02-28, 14:20  Spam?  92.176.246....
I need a translator who can translate a 3 page pdf  document from english to canada french asap please before March 3. This needs to be professional and high quality please. If interested please email me and provide quote. Thanks
French Question and Answer Translation from english » answer
by MAxr, 2017-02-20, 21:09  Spam?  82.37.10....
I am trying to write this in French:

Dear Mr Petit,

I am currently very worried about my friend's smoking habit and I doubt he will be able to stop. He started smoking at the age of twelve to copy his buddies. At first he smoked one or two cigarettes a day. But now he smokes more than one pack a day. I hope that everything will be alright, but I think I should take advice as a precaution. Unless he can stop, I'm afraid his health may be in danger because as everyone knows, tobacco kills. It is essential that he receives support as tobacco causes infertlity, chronic bronchitis or even serious illness like lung cancer and it kills thousands of people every year. Previously, he has had problems due to too much alcohol consumption, but fortunately he managed to overcome that. if i had not recognised the problems,...
» show full text
Information: French "etc." with comma » answer
by Paul (AT), 2017-02-19, 13:40  Spam?  
As discussed in German-French, French enumerations that end with "etc." need a comma before that "etc.". See the discussion here:
To reflect that, I changed the existing entries yesterday.
Chasing invoices » answer
by LalaLovesWater, 2017-02-13, 17:59  Spam?  86.184.81....
Hello, how would one say 'to chase an invoice' in French?
well,   #865262
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2017-02-19, 18:44  Spam?  
tou tchèss ane ine voyss ...

I think that's it ! :)
( no real try on your end - no real help from ours )

Birth certificate translation needed please » answer
by Or100cohen, 2017-02-09, 23:05  Spam?  79.177.43.... its an image of birth certificate
I am here to help you  #864700
by AtomickTraduire, 2017-02-10, 12:21  Spam?  117.218.74...
I will help you translate the document with 100% accuracy for a small pay, Kindly contact me.
Document Translations  #865365
by Alexander_Zeller, 2017-02-21, 09:49  Spam?  59.95.155...
If you want to translate birth certificate or any other document you must visit THE MIGRATION TRANSLATOR'S ( they are NATTI certified translator and have more than 5 experiences and provide 130 languages. I have hired them services really good. They also provide Free Quote.
audio wish list » answer
by amalgame (CH), 2017-01-07, 11:36  Spam?  
cher Matthieu, est-ce que tu pourrais enregistrer pour nous le mot "audit"
- si seulement tu as toujours ton micro - s'il te plaît.
c'est fait  #862609
by amalgame (CH), 2017-01-08, 15:22  Spam?  
ou plutôt c'est Matthieu qui l'a enregistré depuis des années déjà. J'ai oublié de vérifier avant de poster ce texte.
I will gladly re-record it as it does not sound good at all...  #863366
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2017-01-22, 02:19  Spam?  
merci, matthieu  #863391
by amalgame (CH), 2017-01-22, 20:15  Spam?  
Je vous rémercie pour l'influence que vous avez sur Papa Noel. » answer
by itshanks, 2017-01-05, 19:52  Spam?  79.77.110....

What does this phrase me?

"Je vous rémercie pour l'influence que vous avez sur Papa Noel."

I have tried to put into Google Translate (terrible, I know) but it didn't make sense. Also, I can only speak basic French phrases so the proper translation would really help.

Thank you!
Google  #862490
by Catesse (AU), 2017-01-06, 08:45  Spam?  
I ran it through Google and this returned: "I thank you for the influence you have on Papa Noel."
That makes perfect sense, except that it would be better to say "Santa Claus".
machine does not beat human translation  #862660
by lucky1988, 2017-01-09, 15:29  Spam?  188.230.55....
I would be glad to help, but unfortunately, I am not aware what does it mean. I think it is better not to use machine translation. It cannot beat human one. You may contact . I have ordered a translation from them into Greek language, but they provide translation into French language too.
Context  #862690
by Catesse (AU), 2017-01-10, 01:01  Spam?  
It may well, of course, have been utter nonsense. Or "Papa Noel" may be a nickname for somebody. It is difficult to tell when there is so little context.
(Personally, I am not really interested in what it means. I was just trying to help.)
sur le pronom adverbial "en" » answer
by pecal (RO), Last modified: 2017-01-05, 11:53  Spam?  
Je lis la phrase suivante dans "Le problème de l’être chez Aristote" par Pierre Aubenque :

"La faveur du public et la diligence de notre éditeur font que, quatre ans après la première publication de cet ouvrage, nous pouvons en présenter au lecteur une deuxième édition." (p. VII ; c'est la première phrase dans ce livre).

Ma question est la suivante : what does "en" in "nous pouvons en présenter au lecteur une deuxième édition" refer back to, to signify, considering that this is the very first sentence in the book?

Is it perhaps based on this grammatical structure

J’en ai vu deux

where "en" is used before cardinal numbers equal to, or bigger than, the number "2"?

Is this same rule applicable to ordinal numbers as well?
pronoun  #862460
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2017-01-05, 14:35  Spam?  
'en' refers to 'cet ouvrage', and is used to not repeat 'cet ouvrage', in the second part of this sentence.

the second part of your sentence is to be understood as :
nous pouvons présenter au lecteur une deuxième édition de cet ouvrage.

Hope that helps,
Relative Merit of two translations? » answer
by aphoenix (US), 2016-12-27, 01:12  Spam?  
Found in the "Modern Usage" section at Wikipedia(EN): Hendiatris:  "Il nous faut de l'audace, encore de l'audace, toujours de l'audace !" — "We must be bold, and again bold, and forever bold!" Georges Danton.
Without additional context, I would have translated this as "We need audacity, more audacity, always more audacity."  I can see that as a motivational speaker, one would probably want to use the more active form,  "We need to be bold", rather than "We need boldness"  Would there be other reasons to choose their translation over mine, e..g.  inaccuracy, awkwardness, whatever?
by christinchen (DE), 2016-12-28, 20:10  Spam?  
Lieber aphoenix, da du 4 Sterne bei german hast, wage ich es mal auf deutsch (zwei Sterne english, höchstens!)
Beides ist in Ordnung. Il faut kommt von falloir und das ist verwandt mit to fail. Das heißt: ohne audace werden wir scheitern. Es gibt also etwas Dringendes bei il faut.
Translation can be an art!  #862331
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2017-01-03, 16:39  Spam?  

I do believe that both translation are correct, it just comes down to lexical preferences.
Ask two painters to depict the exact same scene. Will their work be identical in the end ?

Hope that helps !
Bouteille de vin vs. bouteille à vin » answer
by jumis (CH), Last modified: 2016-12-23, 21:11  Spam?  
Is this correct:
une bouteille de vin = a bottle of wine
une bouteille à vin = a wine bottle (empty or full)
Bouteille  #861589
by Catesse (AU), 2016-12-24, 04:50  Spam?  
I would assume, with "bouteille à vin", that the bottle was empty.
For when you ____ » answer
by vii (UN), 2016-12-18, 01:50  Spam?  
Could anyone help me translate the following short phrases: (in the context of labeling gift packages for someone)

1. For when you're tired / For when you need energy
2. For when you need to relax
3. For when you're stressed gen
4. For when you're not feeling well / For when you're sick
5. For when you miss me
6. For when you're not having a good day / For when you're unhappy
7. For when you want a nice cup of tea

no effort = no learning = no help...  #861307
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-12-19, 15:32  Spam?  
Now if you need translation services, I can offer you a rush quote and have all of them ready in a jiffy...

The main purpose of this forum is for everyone to try and learn... I do not see any 'try' nor 'learning effort' in your request...hence, no help...

A legal pun » answer
by ankie (UN), Last modified: 2016-12-11, 19:37  Spam?  
The old French doctrine of cy pres is still invoked in modern courts when a judge modifies a trust or settlement award.. The term is short for "cy près comme possible" - as near as possible. For a law review article exploring the possible over-use of this doctrine, I wish to use the title: How near is too near?

The machine translation: Comment Près est Trop Près? I sense this is an awkward construction to a native speaker. Any advice on a natural phrase?

Thank you
a more natural phrase...  #860758
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-12-12, 15:04  Spam?  
...would be to translate from : When is near, too near? or When becomes near, too near?

so you'll have  : Quand près est-il trop près ?
Quand près devient trop près ?

or you could go with a more affirmative form :
Lorsque près devient trop près !
Lorsque près est trop près !

Hope that helps,
Appreciate the help!  #860772
by ankie (UN), 2016-12-12, 17:09  Spam?  
Thank you very much.
Please help, short text :)  » answer
by Metju, 2016-12-07, 20:49  Spam?  95.102.104....
Hi friends. I'm learning French, but I'm not confident enough translating. I wrote this:
Les dents. Si tu les as, montre-les!
It should mean: The teeth. If you have them, show them (the teeth) Did I translate it correctly? Thank you in advance for your help. :)
Almost !   #860547
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-12-09, 12:54  Spam?  
2 little things to change :

Les dents. Si tu en as, montre-les !                      ---- casual
Les dents. Si vous en avez, montrez-les !           ----- formal

1) the pronoun should be 'en'
2) a space is needed before (and after) the punctuation mark ! (French grammar)

Hope that helps,
Presentation » answer
by JacquesO (UN), 2016-11-14, 00:56  Spam?  
Hey, I know this is a big request but I was wondering if any French speakers could proofread my transcript for me. I have a presentation tomorrow and already have my part written I would just like a double-check. I would be eternally greatful if anyone could help me with this. Just comment and I can post a link to the doc. Thank you in advance
Hiring ?   #858462
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-11-14, 14:37  Spam?  
I could do it today....
You can send me a 'private' message thru this platform with your contacts (email/phone/name) along your file's link so I can fast read it (judge how much or how little there is to do), and I'll send you a free, no obligation quote for the proofread work. (usually about 4 cents (US$) per source word).
Then you can agree to it or not... no questions asked.

Looking forward to your next message.

[SPAM] #858518
by THE PDJ, 2016-11-15, 18:14  185.73.38...
Me Before You » answer
by Lvui, 2016-11-13, 18:07  Spam?  172.56.12...
I am trying to translate Me Before You into French. I see different translations and I am not sure which is
correct.  It would be like telling a friend me before you.
a little more context would be needed....  #858461
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-11-14, 14:34  Spam?  
Like you said, there is several way to 'translate' this...
Mostly, they are context dependent - and isn't it an egoistic thing to say to a friend ?...

Nevertheless, ' Moi avant toi '  would be the most general way to say that...

Hope that helps,
[SPAM] #858519
by THE PDJ, 2016-11-15, 18:16  185.73.38...
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