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French-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or French and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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En voilà un voici ! En voici un voilà ! » answer
by Gerty (UN), 2016-08-28, 10:27  Spam?  

I'm translating a french absurd drama and there is a sentence as written above (En voilà un voici ! En voici un voilà !). Although I know it is supposed to be an illogical statement, I still don't know how to translate it :)

Thank you for your help,
I saw a post on the wordreference forum....and it helped somehow....  #852800
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-08-28, 16:32  Spam?  
as it gave (me) more context than just those two snippets of monologue...but it did not help with any translation...
Since you need something, here is a try...a bit absurd, but that's what you need, right ?!

Over here comes one there ! There comes (another) one over here ! ....

with references/addresses to a 'pervert/nutcase/cheeky' person as 'one' ... ( vilain individu / voyou ) that precede and follow this particularly 'pronoun heavy' statement - in the entirety of the monologue...

Hope that helps...
by Gerty (UN), 2016-08-28, 16:43  Spam?  
Thank you, Matthieu. It helps a lot.

Have a nice day,
Translating help » answer
by Evespirit (UN), 2016-08-27, 09:35  Spam?  
Hey, last night I tried to end the conversation with a girl with "bonne nuit mon amie". She replied with "Je me demande quand nous allons faire une pause de Notre complex, (Détruire), ou moi le vôtre." Google translate isn't of any help whatsoever. Can you help me please? Thanks ^_^
I do not understand why there is (détruire)....   #852801
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-08-28, 16:41  Spam?  
I am asking myself when we'll be able to put 'our complex' on hold, (Destroy), or me, yours.

Having more of the context might help understand and pinpoint what the 'complex' and the pronoun 'vôtre' refer to....but then, it might also be quite inappropriate !?

Hope that helps!
Can someone plz check my translation? » answer
by louza, 2016-08-26, 18:14  Spam?  128.138.65....
The text is from Le Mythe Du Dandy by Emilien Carassus
“Le dandy ne peut déployer ses talents que sur une scène convenable; l’étoile de Brummell brille à Londres mais diminue à Douvres pour s'éteindre à Calais" (21).

My translation: "The dandy does not show or display his talents on a suitable stage; the star Brummell shined in London but his stardom decreased in Dover and disappeared in Calais"
Verbs  #852749
by Catesse (AU), 2016-08-27, 14:12  Spam?  
The dandy cannot display his talents except on a suitable stage; the star of Brummell shines in London but fades at Dover and is extinguished at Calais.
(Perfect tense of "shine" is "shone", not "shined.)
Grave Tombstone » answer
by Clint Audiffred, 2016-08-23, 21:31  Spam?  66.242.228....
Can anyone please help me in translating this tombstone?

my try:  #852508
by christinchen (DE), Last modified: 2016-08-24, 13:02  Spam?  
Claire Eleonore Basse?
wife of Adrien Vignes
borne at Salernes, department of   (Salernes: Wikipedia(EN): Salernes)
Var, France 25. Feb. 1825
deceased 29. August 1890
Adrien Vignes Donaldson
born on ?December 1892
deceased 1 (?) June 1893
Adrien Vignes
born at Estampe, Department Gers, ( Estampes: Wikipedia(EN): Estampes,_Gers)
France on 27. December 1827
deceased 23. October 1903
Ms. J.B. Audiffred
nee ? Victorine Lions
31. May 1856
deceased 9. August 1908
by Clint audiffred, 2016-08-24, 13:07  Spam?  166.137.139...
Thankyou for the reply, I had most of it but the estates line was throwing me off. I appreciate the help
by Clint audiffred, 2016-08-24, 14:03  Spam?  166.137.139...
by christinchen (DE), 2016-08-24, 14:33  Spam?  
You're welcome!
can someone translate this phrase into English please? » answer
by camilaneves (UN), 2016-08-22, 15:40  Spam?  
can someone translate this phrase into English please?

"sinn jtaurai piquer hhh"

in the same style....   #852331
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-08-22, 22:22  Spam?  
othrwse Idve stng U hhh

Hope that helps !
translation for french poster » answer
by vik9999, 2016-08-20, 21:18  Spam?  87.254.23...
Hi everybody! Please help me to translate it with beautiful french words. it could be shorter than in English..
thank you very much..

“Na Pososhok (One for the Road)”represents one of the many traditions of feasting and hospitality that has ancient roots and is passed from generation to generation.It is a traditional custom still followed in many Belarusian households– to greet guests with a lavishly-laid table and see them off with one last glass of vodka to be taken before leaving - “one for the road”. Good old tradition - with a good old drink!

Vodka “NaPososhok (OnefortheRoad)” combines the best qualities of vodka– purity of spring water and soft taste.
Please see the guidelines! [try on your own first]  #852142
by christinchen (DE), 2016-08-21, 08:50  Spam?  
This forum is designed to allow users to share ideas and provide mutual help in correcting translations and understanding vocabulary. All feedback is given voluntarily by users and it cannot be expected that they will willingly provide free translations to lengthy texts where no attempt has first been made by the person posting. Machine translation (Google Translate, Babelfish or the like) does not count as your own attempt.
And if you need quality translation services, let us agree on a price...  #852333
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-08-22, 22:25  Spam?  
Contact me with your full contact information (name/company/telephone/email) and I'll be happy to offer a free-no obligation quote on your papers.

Hope that helps !
translation for poster » answer
by vik9999, 2016-08-20, 20:53  Spam?  87.254.23...
Hi Everybody! I have to translate this for the poster in french. Could you please help me? it should be the meaning the same, not nessasary each word. please describe it with beautiful french words... thank a lot!!!
Vodka X - the living force of nature.

Vodka X created for confident men who lead an active life, seek new experiences, are capable of adventure and at the same time appreciate the comfort of their homes.
It is produced with the use of high-quality"Lux" grade alcohol that under goes additional purification. Because of this, when this product is properly used, absence of hangover is guaranteed.

Vodka X Pro
“X Pro”is a product of the completely new, advanced level of the well-known "Svayak" brand madewith the use of the new "100% PureQuality” technology and new “MultiFiltration” system.
“X Pro”is...
» show full text
Please see the guidelines! [try on your own first]  #852143
by christinchen (DE), 2016-08-21, 08:51  Spam?  
This forum is designed to allow users to share ideas and provide mutual help in correcting translations and understanding vocabulary. All feedback is given voluntarily by users and it cannot be expected that they will willingly provide free translations to lengthy texts where no attempt has first been made by the person posting. Machine translation (Google Translate, Babelfish or the like) does not count as your own attempt.
Trying to Figure out Grandparents Cold/Hot Translation » answer
by Nate1073 (UN), 2016-08-03, 19:37  Spam?  
So both my grandparents are now dead and I have nobody to ask. I think they were French Canadian? Anyway the way they used to say hot and cold was like... sa fa shoo (hot) and sa fer flet (cold)... anyway someone can help? The french translations I see online don't have anything like these phrases. Thanks!
perhaps:   #850982
by christinchen (DE), Last modified: 2016-08-08, 09:27  Spam?  
sa fa shoo = ça fait chaud = it's warm.
sa fa flet = ça fait frais = it's cold.
Need some help  » answer
by flora1 (UN), 2016-08-02, 21:00  Spam?  

Could you please translate this to English?

Ce furent ces mêmes infirmités qui mirent obstacle à ce que cette chère soeur fût employée dans les charges de la religion, qu'elle aurait très-bien remplies, car elle était agissante, soigneuse et exacte à ses moindres devoirs. Elle a été aide à l'infirmerie, surveillante, robière, lingère et chargée de la sacristie.
Meaning of some expressions in the lyrics of a song » answer
by dzsetix77 (UN), 2016-07-20, 18:25  Spam?  
Bonjour ! Pourriez-vous m'aider, s'il vous plait ? J'ai 3 petites questions. Merci beaucoup d'avance !

1. "Non! Non je ne prends jamais les chemins de traverse
Pas de murs qui se frôlent de paupières qui se baissent"

Dans ce contexte "murs qui se frôlent", ca peut signifier, que je ne prends jamais les passages étroits ou les ruelles obscures, où on ne sait pas qu'est-ce que va se passer. So does it mean that I will avoid alley-ways or opes?
2. "paupières qui se baissent"=eyelids that are lowering. Est-ce que ca peut signifier complaisance ou connivance ? Does it mean: close/shut one's eyes to sg, or overlook?

3.Il y a aussi les bruits qui courent et qui s'attachent
En rouge sur le CV ça fait comme une tache
Même si c'est inventé ce qu'on vomit et crache, ilme reste á chanter !

Dans ce contexte:...
» show full text
about 2 and 3... and maybe 1  #849422
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2016-07-20, 21:24  Spam?  
de paupières qui se baissent, means 'closing ones eyes', which in this context is a refusal of 'ignoring on purpose'...
The government closed its eyes on the homeless situation of returning veterans. (Hoping that I do make sense to you!)

the last sentence means...
Even if they are invented, the 'rumors' that ones 'shit' from their mouth, I want to sing about ....

In other words, he wants to put a focus on the rumors, so everyone knows what they really are...

so the maybe 1)
I think it's very metaphoric... chemin de traverse = 'shortcuts'
Murs = 'laws / customs'
but then, maybe that's not exactly the author's intent. It might simply be more literal, not going to the 'dark' and 'corrupted' part of the city/town...

Excuse my lexicon on that number 3), but it is to 'sort of' match the original!
Hope that helps!

Thank you!  #849424
by dzsetix77 (UN), 2016-07-20, 21:51  Spam?  
Dear Matthieu, thank you sooo much ! Number 1 and 2, your opinion verified my assumption, and I am happy, that now I know, that the rumors were shitted out from the mouth of others, and not we are the ones who want to shit on them being disturbed. :-) Thank you so much ! I am so grateful! Have a nice evening!
Leave life to destiny » answer
by Mus1 (UN), 2016-07-18, 20:27  Spam?  

I am looking for a French phrase meaning 'leave life to chance/destiny' and I was hoping to have the word 'destin' at the end.

Does 'laisser passer la vie au destin' work or is it nonsense. Or perhaps 'Soumettre ma vie au destin'?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance!

almost...  #849358
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-07-20, 03:29  Spam?  
leave ('the' or 'ones') life to destiny ....

'Soumettre sa vie au destin'  is a more general way (as 'ones life' is)  than your suggestion, which refers to 'my' life (ma vie) - possessive form.
and about your first try,
'Laisser sa vie au destin' would suffice.

Au petit bonheur, la chance !

Hope that helps!
by Mus1 (UN), 2016-07-20, 21:02  Spam?  
Thank you Mathieu, those would work fine :-)

Could somebody please translate this: » answer
by Deseret (SI), Last modified: 2016-07-07, 18:44  Spam?  
Grâce aux Dieux mon malheur passe mon espérance
2 phrases !  #848468
by christinchen (DE), Last modified: 2016-07-08, 11:44  Spam?  
Grâce  aux Dieux ! Mon malheur passe mon espérance.
Auf deutsch: Mein Gott! Mein Unglück übersteigt meine Hoffnung.
Danke  #848495
by Deseret (SI), 2016-07-08, 16:36  Spam?  
not really 2 sentences, as there is only one verb...  #848780
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-07-12, 19:24  Spam?  
Grâce aux dieux, mon malheur passe mon espérance.

in English :

Mercy to the gods, my misery surpasses my hope.

Hope that helps.
by Deseret (SI), 2016-07-14, 08:56  Spam?  
Why "mercy to gods"? The one who is exclaiming this should obtain mercy, not gods.
thought he was mad/angry... ready to take on/attack the 'gods' ...    #848972
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2016-07-14, 15:54  Spam?  
Mercy from the gods, my misery surpasses my hope.  ? (then the French would be : Grâce des dieux,
short for ' J'implore la grâce des dieux, ... '  as 'I demand mercy from the gods... '

but the French sentence is not saying that... it is saying ' Mercy to the gods, ...
giving a feeling that the guy is very angry about his situation... ready for a fight against the gods who wronged him...

Someone has a better explanation ? I'd love to understand as well...

Hope that helps,
by christinchen (DE), 2016-07-14, 20:01  Spam?  
wictionary dit : ironique
(Ironique) À cause de.
Grâce aux dieux, mon malheur passe mon espérance. — (Jean Racine, Andr. v, 5.)
Grâce à lui, on a perdu tous nos matchs.

C'est la traduction de  A.S. Kline :
Wretchedness beyond all, you Gods! (I bless,
I praise you, for your endless thoroughness.)

Une traduction (de 1675) dit : You angry gods !
by Deseret (SI), Last modified: 2016-07-15, 16:11  Spam?  
Yes, it appears to be meant ironically. Here is another translation that I found on the internet:
Ihr Götter,
Habt Dank, mein Unglück übersteigt mein Hoffen,
Ich preise euch ob der Beharrlichkeit.
Ihr habt, auf meine Strafe stets bedacht,
Geführt mich zu der Leiden höchstem Gipfel,
Und euer Haß erlabte sich daran,
Mein Unglück zu gestalten; war ich doch
Dazu geboren, um von eurem Zorn
Ein Schreckensbeispiel aufzustellen, um
Des Elends Musterbild zu sein! Ich sterbe
Zufrieden, denn mein Schicksal ist erfüllt.
Information about a change in the guidelines regarding delete votes » answer
by Paul (AT), 2016-06-27, 17:47  Spam?  
The basic rule in GL 3 is "Always confirm the first correct posting!". So far, when there was no completely correct posting, and someone voted for a deletion, this delete vote was the first correct posting, so it had to be confirmed. However, most of the contributors understood this differently or didn't want to comply with it, for reasons I understand. In the last months this rule was challenged several times, which caused a lot of discussions. In the end I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of the community wants less strict delete rules. After discussing some text suggestions (forum: #846903), the following rule was accepted and is now effective:

+Always confirm the first correct posting! [...]
A [del] vote is considered a correct posting if no previous posting (input, vote or comment) contained...
» show full text
by ConnorMac, 2016-06-26, 17:35  Spam?  86.151.255...
Could someone please translate these sentences for me please, it would be a great help.
"Madagascar has one of the worlds largest titanium reserves"
"In the east there are man-made lakes and canals that were made by the French"
"Because it can help with getting a job abroad"

Thank you!!
world's  #847474
by Catesse (AU), 2016-06-27, 13:12  Spam?  
A french expression that means "personality defect caused by a career" » answer
by davidrefaeli (UN), 2016-06-23, 12:16  Spam?  
Hi there,

I remember I read this french expression in a book called Homo-Faber by Max Frisch - but I don't remember the expression itself.

It suppose to mean something like - some personality "defect" that is caused by a certain career.

Meaning - if you're a teacher, your personality is going to change in a certain way, if you're a lawyer it's going to change in another away, etc.

un défaut de personnalité causé par l'occupation professionnelle  #848782
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-07-12, 19:44  Spam?  
maybe, re-read the book for the exact expression.... ??

Hope that helps!
Jusqu'au nom de » answer
by Mozart Hummel, 2016-06-19, 22:21  Spam?  73.233.129....
What does the last part of the second sentence mean? "et jusqu’au nom de sonate était devenu ridicule."

Pendant la vogue des tours de force, la bonne musique de piano a été longtemps négligée: produire de l’effet, étonner, était le but unique des pianists. Mozart, Beethoven, Hummel, étaient dédaignés, et jusqu’au nom de sonate était devenu ridicule.
by khanzat, 2016-06-21, 13:35  Spam?  92.186.68....
It means:

-And even the denomination of "Sonata" became ridiculous.

I think it's clear: labelling a piece of music as a Sonata made people think that piece wasn't important.
Simenon  » answer
by tightwines, 2016-06-03, 12:56  Spam?  86.145.0....
There's a sentence in Simenon's Le Grand Langoustier:

Les gens trouvent tout mysterieux parce qu' ils ne savent pas..... Si vous croyez qu'il ne s'en passe pas de pire au village, et partout

So the context is:-  ' he never goes to the village. '    But I can't get my head around "ne s'en passe pas de pire..."

Has anyone come across the expression?

Thanks   Paul
by khanzat, 2016-06-10, 22:00  Spam?  92.186.68....
"Se passer de pire" means "to happen/feel worse". So the translation would be "If you think that it is not worse for him at the village and everywhere"
A compliment translation needed please! » answer
by magelet87 (UN), Last modified: 2016-05-30, 11:01  Spam?  
My friend Meret has the most adorable little boy that I saw for the first time in a picture he posted on Facebook.   Meret speaks fluent English but I like to say things to him in French, his native language, when I can.  I want to tell him that his son is adorable, or precious.  I don't know the male words and what is the proper way to phrase it.  I guess the sentence I would like to have it resemble closest, if you can, is:

'Wow, Meret, he is so precious.  He looks just like his handsome father!'

Can anyone help me please?
Ouh-la-la ! Meret, il est vraiment adorable. Il ressemble vraiment à son charmant papa !   #848781
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-07-12, 19:41  Spam?  
Hope that helps !
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