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French-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or French and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Help in translation » answer
by magerycen (UN), 2015-09-16, 05:21  Spam?  
I can't manage to understand this:

Sauf que sa passion l'a aussi rendu hors-la-loi. Qu’importe, l’oiselier a le bras long, si long que le ministère de l’écologie est en passe de modifier un texte de loi pour le blanchir.
it's about a 'bird farmer/dealer' ....  #816663
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-17, 14:42  Spam?  
saying that his passion ( owner of a bird 'mill' ) makes him an outlaw. That he has such a great network and influence, that the ministry of ecology is changing a law in order to acquit him of his crimes...

oiselier : Celui, celle qui fait métier d'acheter ou d'élever des oiseaux puis de les vendre ou revendre.

It's not an exact translation but the meaning should be there!

Hope that helps!
Difficulty in understanding a phrase in La Petse,Camus » answer
by Michael37, 2015-09-10, 23:52  Spam?  46.103.15....
I am reading La peste ,Camus .I find diffcutly to understand the phrase "n'aurait...une entreprise" in this sentece  (can not understan ne...guère de) :Du reste, le narrateur, qu'on connaîtra toujours à temps, n'aurait
guère de titre à faire valoir dans une entreprise de ce genre si le hasard
ne l'avait mis à même de recueillir un certain nombre de déposi-
tions et si la force des choses ne l'avait mêlé à tout ce qu'il prétend
Please help!
ne...guère de = not a lot of   #815902
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-12, 04:17  Spam?  
part of the negative sentence family  :
meaning =

guère = hardly
ne ... guère = not a lot    /   almost none/never  

...he would have hardly any title to assert in a company of this type...
...he would not have many title to assert in a company of this type...

and you can join the fun in this forum, about 'guère' :

Hope that helps !
by Michael37, 2015-10-11, 11:03  Spam?  176.92.32...
Thanks a lot Matthieu!
Difficulty translating a note » answer
by Kal_12, 2015-08-20, 03:49  Spam?  70.69.131....
I found a note and am curious what it says. I've tried typing it into google translate (and some of the words are obvious), but it's not coming out right. The words are smudged. Maybe I'm not typing in them in correctly. Here is what I think it reads:
"le med. specialists conclut a une curatelle neu forcee."

Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure it's banal but I'd just like to know.
do you have a better context ? or a picture maybe ?...    #813254
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-08-20, 04:56  Spam?  
Yet - I think I made sense of it...

le mèd. spécialiste :   the (doctor) specialist concluded to a ' Curatelle '  — could the rest of the sentence be ' non forcée ' if yes, then it means that the curatelle is not mandatory... if no, I need help understanding as well !

So 'curatelle' is an old French noun meaning :  " being taking care of " — "period under the 'cure' of "  a little like assisted living in a way.... when your life management is not entirely up to you... but under a 'curator' 's power... Curatelle : 'pouvoir à charge d'un curateur' - may it be a succession (inheritance), a tutoring of orphans, or more generally of a person well being/development... a different kind of tutoring in a way...

Hope that helps !
by Kal_12, 2015-08-20, 05:03  Spam?  70.69.131....
Political correctness » answer
by Patk (UN), 2015-08-18, 19:01  Spam?  
I am attempting to translate a short French text into English, and I've run into an odd situation with this phrase or sentence: "Claude Tchou, authentique Chinois venu de Belgique. . ." Even for my dreadful French, this is pretty easy. However, what can one do about 'Chinois' in English? "Chinese man" is awkward; "Chinaman" is probably racist these days; and simply substituting 'Chinese' doesn't seem right either. Any help would be much appreciated.
normalement, c'est 'Chinese' pour les habitants masculins et féminins ...  #813084
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2015-08-18, 22:23  Spam?  
other possibilities :

a Chinese person
an Asiatic man from China
a man from China

Hope that helps !
Sermon » answer
by Midrand Lutheran Church, 2015-08-14, 11:11  Spam?  41.13.40....
Esaie est un prophete qui a vecu 700 ans avant Jesus Christ.Il a vecu pendant une periode des tensions extremes.L’Egypte au Sud était une puissance en decadence et  l’Assyrie au Nord qui devenait de plus  en plus  puissante et  menassente.Ce  pendant cette periode qu’ Esaie  devenin  le porte  parole  de Dieu.Il eut des  visions de l’avenu de Jesus  dans lesquelles il predit des grands changement sur le plan spirituel.Il est a notter que pendant la periode d’Esaie,ils vivaient  sous la « LOI »,mais lui prevenait déjà que :la periode qui viens le peuple  ne vivra pas sous la loi mais sous la grace et ceux- la qui croirons vivrons une vie nouvelle et  hereuse avec  le sauveur :C’est serra une periode de grand changement.
Translation  » answer
by french111, 2015-07-24, 16:36  Spam?  86.177.115....
Please can anyone help to translate what "zones passages vérins" might mean?
Thank you in advance.
it's abbreviated  #810225
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2015-07-24, 21:19  Spam?  
'zones passages vérins' very possibly stands for  "zones de passage des vérins"  = Jacks' or actuators' transition zones / areas...

or in other terms, the areas (zones or spaces - in 3D) where the 'jacks or actuators or cylinders' (for 'vérins' depending the kind) are supposedly transitioning while they are activated or deactivated. ( on and off and in between states ).

Hope that helps !
help please » answer
by nippon (UN), 2015-07-19, 21:17  Spam?  
Is there anyone kind enough to help me with the following sentence: La ville qu'on  m'a donné à decrire. Google translates it as: The city was given to me to describe.  Is this correct?
almost...  #809590
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-07-20, 04:28  Spam?  
the meaning is there... I believe, contextually, it's a city's name, and not a city that was given/indicated !
just slight inaccuracies - also, hard to translate 'on' (quite casual/informal) - maybe 'they' or 'he' or 'she' if the context is clear about Who gave the name of the city to be described...

I am certain there are other and better ways of translating such a sentence.

Hoping that helped!

mech » answer
by calgar (IE), 2015-07-16, 15:38  Spam?  
Méch  , as in "  ( for a convertisseur ) :  12 bits , 1 Mech / s  par voie  " >>..  is some kind of rate for a texas instrument :  any help pls ?

kilo-samples and Mega-samples — but in French...  #809359
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2015-07-17, 21:28  Spam?  
in English:10 MegaSamples per second per channel  (10MS/s/ch)  and it can also be less like 250 kS/s/ch
in French : 10 Méga échantillons par seconde par canal (ou par voie) or 10 Méch./s par canal
and so 250 kéch./s par canal for 250 kilo échantillons par seconde par canal (ou par voie).

so it's kilo-éch. and Méga-éch.   (pour milliers d'échantillons et millions d'échantillons respectivement)
d'où le  " éch."  for short !

Hope that helps,

Patois perhaps? » answer
by unprousting (GB), 2015-07-12, 19:34  Spam?  
chaüse - I haven't been able to find this anywhere. I suspect it may be patois?

"c'est une jolie petite chaüse, savez-vous." Sorry I don't have any more context than that.

"she's a pretty little ???? don't you know"

Any hints much appreciated!
understand as 'chose' ... it's old old French.  #808988
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-07-13, 23:33  Spam?
if this first link works, you'll see many occurrence of it, in a book, written by a long gone French Queen.

if this is from a recent book, and author, by using this ancient form of 'chose', he probably implies 'thing of a certain age'.

Chose meaning 'thing' in the most universal way - if he speaks of something (for example a house) then it's a pretty little old (very old) house..
if he speaks of a person - it's to gently hide (but also reveal to the reader) the age factor of that pretty little lady. (very old lady)  

but unless you're certain he speaks of a person, I would translate it as : " it's a pretty little thäng, you know. " !!!

Now, I have not found an occurrence of spelling with the 'ü' but, it might be to suggest a regional accent of sorts... maybe close to Germany ?!
I have yet to search in some Patois dictionnaries, but very uncertain I will be any luckier...

Where did you find such spelling, if I may ask ?

Hope that helps !
Thanks again  #809015
by unprousting (GB), Last modified: 2015-07-14, 12:09  Spam?  
Matthieu, you are a font of knowledge and dedication. I really appreciate your help.

It came from one of Marcel Proust's notebooks in which he makes notes of ideas, snippets of conversation etc. for his masterwork.

It's half way down on the right hand page.

Now Cottard had a habit of making terrible puns and weak jokes, often misjudging a situation and saying the wrong thing. So it could be a deliberate, exaggerated mispronunciation of choses. So maybe, as you say, "thang" or "theeng" perhaps.

In French, my understanding of the use of the umlaut (or whatever it's called in French), is to separate individual pronunciation of vowels rather than to change the way a vowel is pronunced (as in German).

Eglise de la rencontre » answer
by KiwiLady (UN), 2015-07-10, 04:50  Spam?  
This term, L'Eglise de la rencontre' is used by a writer describing the catholic Church in Algeria where there have been Catholic priests martyred because they chose to stay in the country and continue to minister to the poor people around them despite the danger, during the Algerian Years of Terror. The writer says that christians in Algeria know very well what it means to 'give one's life' and what it means to be the 'l'Eglise de la rencontre'
To call it the 'Church of meeting' seems awkward. I wonder how 'rencontre' would be translated in this context?
L'église d'Algérie  #808751
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-07-11, 21:00  Spam?

take 'rencontre' as 'meeting' - 'communication' - 'sharing' - 'exchange' of religious cultures...

Hope that helps.
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