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French-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or French and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Alternative to "Plaider?" » answer
by Australis (AU), 2015-10-18, 07:20  Spam?  
I've been writing a novel.  In it, one of the anti-heroines grabs hold of a French woman's child, in response to being offended something the woman said.
In begging for mercy, the French woman says the following line.

“Je implorer, please stop. I apologise, I sorry miss, I take back…. PLAIDER.”

Anyway, I'm told that "plaider" isn't a spoken plea in French.  So I'd like to know what would be the correct word to use?
French  #821013
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2015-10-19, 09:38  Spam?  
"Je implorer" is not French either.
If with "plaider" you want to say something like "I beg you", then it would be "Je vous en prie". Don't be worried that Google translates this as "You're welcome".  If you know what you are doing, Google
Translate can be very useful. If you don't, it can be a menace.
I suspect that you have never learned a foreign language, that you do not know what an infinitive verb is, and do not understand conjugations. You really must get expert help with anything foreign that you are trying to write. Once your book gets published - if it does - it is too late to be sorry for mistakes, as it is expensive to pulp a print run.
Are you trying anything other than French and German?
I second Catesse's suggestion...  #821089
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-10-19, 17:19  Spam?  
"Je implorer"  is not a correct conjugation.
« Je vous implore »  sounds much better...
« J'implore votre bon cœur » would also work in the context.

and about 'PLAIDER' - this verb is rarely used outside a courtroom.

In your context, it could indeed be « Je vous en prie. » as Catesse suggested !
might as well have a dramatic « S'il vous plait. »

another question comes to mind as to, how well did the woman and the anti-heroine know each other ?
if they did cross path on a regular basis, then, the formal plea could be adapted to a more casual style...

Hope that helps!
Help! » answer
by Cat22, 2015-10-16, 20:32  Spam?  71.15.148....
So I have a French subscriber on my Youtube channel, and I've been able to communicate with her on everything else except this time! Context: She complemented me art, and I thanked her and said I just practice a lot, to which she replied:

"Ok moi pas trop mais je me donne à fon en ARP"

Any idea what this means? ARP translates to nothing and I can't find anything online as to what she could be referring to?
no idea....yet...  #820758
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2015-10-16, 21:03  Spam?
too many choices to be certain...

are you a musician ? a graphic artist ? else ?
apparently, she makes a lot of typos when writing, so it might be 'HARPE' (the instrument) that she intended to write the English way and forgot the 'H' ?
or maybe - simply 'ART' - another typo? or some weird abbreviation for 'Arts Plastiques' (graphic arts/sculpture).

So basically she said : "OK, I do not practice much myself, but I give my whole in (when playing/when doing) ARP"

If you can give more context, go ahead, I'll eventually figure this out!...or simply, ask 'her' what she meant !? :D  - I am quite certain she wouldn't mind !  - :D

Hopefully this helps !


P.S. : it's  'complimented my 'art' ' unless you are collaborating and she is complementing your work with hers.
Thank you!  #820759
by Cat22, 2015-10-16, 21:08  Spam?  71.15.148....
Thank you so much! I'm fairly sure it was a mistake, perhaps, but I've went ahead and asked her what it meant after searching around for a while longer. But thank you so much!
ARP  #820820
by Catesse (AU), 2015-10-17, 15:16  Spam?  
Wikipedia(FR): ARP  ??
L'ARP est la Société civile des Auteurs Réalisateurs et Producteurs.??
Suggestion only.
matthieu- » answer
by amalgame (CH), 2015-10-10, 18:29  Spam?  
si tu est de passage, pourrais-tu re-enregistrer le mot "ciel" ? On se plaint (ici parce que l'audio est coupé au début.
C'est fait...  #820533
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-10-14, 13:48  Spam?  
by amalgame (CH), 2015-10-14, 14:50  Spam?  
merci bien, matthieu-
Please tell me if this sentence makes sense.  » answer
by FBAntowan (UN), 2015-09-25, 02:07  Spam?  
This is the sentence: Avant je  l’approcherais, elle regarderait tranquillement la montagne à proximité.
My hopeful english Translation is : Before I would approach her, she would would be watching the neaerby mountain.
**I am not really sure the "would be watching " part even makes sense from an english standpoint. IF you could, try to make this sentence make sense.
Are you certain that the original French sentence is correctly typed in your post ?...  #817939
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-25, 16:46  Spam?  
It just does not sound right to me... the first part of it...

your second part, typos apart, was about right...  here is a more accurate translation... of the second part...

...she would be peacefully watching the nearby mountain.  

Hope that helps!
Short phrase English > French » answer
by EvaT, 2015-09-23, 18:00  Spam?  12.130.81....
Bonjour!  First time posting :)

Is there an elegant way to translate "Let fear be your guide" into French?  Not necessarily word-for-word, but anything with the same connotation, if it's more eloquent or fluid in French, and would make sense as an actual phrase. Many thanks in advance / merci beaucoup!
what would be your first 'try' ?!  #817937
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-25, 16:43  Spam?  
Let us know, what you have, then we'll help !
It'll be a better learning experience for everyone...
No's the basics of this forum !

Looking forward to your reply !

Here is my 'try'...  #817953
I like your second 'try the best !  #817992
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-25, 20:51  Spam?  
you could also use the imperative form of it - depending how the text relate to its audience ?!

Laissez la peur vous guider !

Glad that helped!
Merci!  #817995
matthieu  #818175
by Catesse (AU), 2015-09-27, 01:55  Spam?  
What you have written was my first thought. However, would it be possible to say: "Que la peur vous guide !" ?
Catesse  #818259
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-27, 22:13  Spam?  
Yes, without a doubt ! but 'guide' is then in its ' subjunctive present ' tense...similar but different !!!  
All the best !

le mouiller  » answer
by help!, 2015-09-23, 11:49  Spam?  46.162.149....
Salut tout le monde! Really need some help with this one. Have never come across le mouiller  as a noun.

Context: cleaning instructions for a factory that produces baked goods/

Nettoyer au mouiller et au produit

Rincer avec un mouilleur

Thanks for your help in advance! Really stuck on this one :/
it might be a mistake in the original text....  #817935
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-25, 16:41  Spam?  
I did find : Mouilleur (n. m.) : Récipient ou instrument servant à humidifier

I believe it has to do with adding water to clean to humidify it, then use some product to perform a better cleaning.

Hope that helps !
A simple misspelling.  #820540
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-10-14, 14:48  Spam?  
Just a short sentence in need of a correct translation. » answer
by Le Rêveur, 2015-09-21, 00:22  Spam?  109.255.36....
I need someone to translate the word "Seize the day, dreamer" to french correctly. This is my first time on this forum so fingers crossed! Thank you in advance!
You need to help yourself first,  #817441
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-23, 00:10  Spam?  
Then we'll be able to help...

What would be your correct translation (your own try) to : "seize the day, dreamer" , in French ?
unless there is something you really don't understand... then you need to express it with detail.
in Latin, it would start with "Carpe Diem, ....   "

Hope to read a reply !
Well..  #817444
by Le Rêveur, 2015-09-23, 00:29  Spam?  109.255.36....
I just need the proper word for "seize". I know that "the day" is les jour and dreamer is rêveur. I just don't know what the proper word for seize is since it can be multiple words in French.
So...  #817445
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2015-09-23, 00:51  Spam?  
"the day" can either be  'le jour' or 'la journée'  or on a more poetic/metaphoric level 'le moment'

seize is a verb : to seize, but again it is used with some poetry added to its meaning...

would be saisir in most case, but in this context, we use another meaning :  'profiter'  

extract from 'wordreference' :
seize the day (make the most of the present moment)
profite du moment présent
profite du jour présent
'Seize the day' is a translation of the Latin "Carpe diem".
My dad was always telling me 'Seize the day – you won't be young forever!'

And since you already have "the dreamer ".... just don't forget the comma and you're all set.

Hope that helped!
Thanks!  #817477
by Le Rêveur, 2015-09-23, 08:35  Spam?  109.255.36....
Thank you. I appreciate it!
help with a tricky sentence » answer
by jrenae, 2015-09-18, 18:04  Spam?  141.166.128....
I'm translating a piece of music criticism from the 1930s, and I've come across a sentence that is giving me trouble. Part of the problem is that I'm not sure if Microsoft Word autocorrected "fondé" to "fond" (and how much difference that makes). It's also grammatically tricky for me. Here's the sentence:

Rien ne s’y entend qui ne puisse être expliqué ; nulle audace qui ne s’y légitime et ne fonde [or fondé] en un enchantement.

I'd appreciate any help with translating this sentence!
it's quite an elaborate and uber-formal 'critique' !   #816863
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-19, 06:12  Spam?  
Nothing that can be heard in the piece, can not be explained.
No audacity (boldness/cockiness) 'in the piece' cannot justified itself and not melt (transform) into a captivation.

The style is 'heavy' double negation...

FYI : fonde is correct - subjonctif présent of the verb 'fondre'

Hope that helps !
So helpful!  #816920
by jrenae, 2015-09-19, 16:11  Spam?  100.7.40....
Thanks so much! Now I understand why it was do difficult to read. And thank you for pointing out the correct conjugation of "fondre." What a great help!
The Eulogy I have Offered in English » answer
by VillageVicarage (UN), 2015-09-16, 13:38  Spam?  
Borello Frullini
In Loving Memory

One of the most poignant moments I experience as a priest, is during my initial contact with a family, in preparation for the funeral. In preparing the Homily, I am dependent upon family members, for the recollections of their loved one.

And it is always at that moment, that we discover how dependent we are upon others, after our death, for they are the ones who carry our life’s works and deeds, and determine whether our life is to be celebrated, or forgotten.

Sometimes, at first, I can face a palpable silence – often a warning to me to tread gently, because there may be memories and emotions that have, over time, been deeply buried.

But as we take those steps, the springs of life’s footprints begin to flow, often becoming a torrent of sweet memories, and images...
» show full text
URGENT Mr Borello Frullini  #824042
by jesmal123 (UN), 2015-11-15, 14:40  Spam?  
Please can you put us in touch with Father Bill Haymaker, we too have just found out about the death of Mr Frullini.  My husband was one of his main carers for over 10 years and became a good friend and companion to him.  We helped him to be reunited with his daughter Daphne a few years back.  My husband changed his job 2 years ago but we still visited him, the last time being in June of this year.  The solicitor had my husbands contact details and failed to let us know of his death too.  We found out by accident only last week.  We were so sad.  We have read your messages to each other on here and we would love to join his daughter and grand daughter for a service in eastbourne if they come before christmas.  Please help us to get in touch.

We have already emailed the solicitor with our feelings of anger.

Many Thanks Monica and Aydin Kavakli
Borello Frullini Death  #824127
by Family contact, 2015-11-16, 07:51  Spam?  87.113.190...
Good morning!

You may communicate directly with Father Bill at the following email address:

Priest Needs Help With a Special Eulogy » answer
by VillageVicarage (UN), 2015-09-16, 13:34  Spam?  
Good afternoon!
Please forgive me as this is most likely an incorrect place to ask for this. However, perhaps you may guide me to where I might be able to get some assistance.

I am a priest living in the UK. I work in Eastern Europe with victims of child-trafficking. I have two homes – one in Transylvania Romania, where I have 44 children and a home in the Republic of Moldova, where we currently have 53 children – all victims of kidnap, rape, and torture.

When back in the UK, I serve in my community assisting the dying and in funerals for people who have no one to attend their funeral.

I recently had a funeral where the solicitor/attorney told me she had advised the deceased’s two daughters of their father’s death. I was told they had not seen one another for many years. However, the solicitor told...
» show full text
let me see what I can do...   #816666
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-09-17, 14:59  Spam?  
Father Bill !

It might take me a couple of weeks of my scarce spare time to do this, just so you know, something will come you way... in proper French !

As for 'pay' or 'fee' - maybe you can just draw a paper stating that I donated to your cause/charities (just as a little tax break for me? )...the amount, you decide ! how about that ?...

I'll be in touch later...

Hope that helps!
Thank You SOO Very MUch Matthieu !  #816769
by VillageVicarage (UN), 2015-09-18, 11:01  Spam?  
Good morning Matthieu !

I would be absolutely honoured to do so. Thank you very much indeed!  You're very kind.
This will help me tremendously, and especially it will help the poor daughters. I feel quite badly for them and I'm doing everything I can to help buffer their mourning amidst challenging circumstances.

I look forward to hearing from you. And if you could kindly provide me the details you require, I shall certainly respond in answer to your request.


Fr Bill+
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