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French-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or French and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Help needed » answer
by TinaRawnik, 2015-12-23, 17:17  Spam?  89.142.154....
Hello! Can anyone help me translate this sentence?
: I wish you all a happy new year, a merry Christmas, many good grades and luck!
Thanks for help!- Tina
Basic - why don't you try first ?!   #831448
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2016-01-19, 19:36  Spam?  
Hello, TinaRawnik!
This forum is a place to learn, try and miss, learn some more...
How would you translate your sentence ?
If you try, then I might be (as other linguists) more inclined to help you further...

Best to you, and a very happy new year !

Hope that helps,
Help with quote by Noël Joseph Auguste Delfosse » answer
by lat3in (UN), 2015-12-21, 06:36  Spam?  
Here is the quote attributed to Delfosse:


What I've come up with so far with regards to translation is:
but I feel like it's just not what he meant.
Almost...  #828336
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-12-21, 19:11  Spam?  
I'd modify the first part  as : The freedom to take a 'round the world' trip, no longer....


The freedom to travel around the world,...
The freedom to make a trip around the world,...

Hope that helps,
Country tags » answer
by Catesse (AU), 2015-12-15, 02:07  Spam?  
I have been holding off voting on the new names of countries because of the domain tags. For six years, the custom has been to refrain from using these. Now that jumis has raised the question, I think that it should be decided on forum. I am against the usage of these tags, but if forum decides that they should be used, I will go along with this. It is not an ethical question, simply one of convenience and consistency.
by Paul (AT), 2015-12-15, 09:54  Spam?  
As there is no rule in the guidelines regarding that, both versions are correct. Please vote for the first correct version. Maybe I'll just go over these tags someday in the future and remove them in all language pairs.
Right now?  #827502
by Catesse (AU), 2015-12-15, 12:07  Spam?  
If they are going to be removed, wouldn't it be better to tackle the unverified ones right now by entering them correctly in the first place? (I am not suggesting reopening ones already confirmed.)
by jumis (CH), 2015-12-15, 12:48  Spam?  
Sorry! I was too prompt in correcting my votes after reading Paul's answer.
by Paul (AT), 2015-12-15, 15:17  Spam?  
Right now it's more important to close the entries as fast as possible without adding new rules. That's why I'd like to apply GL3.

Checking various language pairs I see both kinds of entries in a verified state, and I don't see any of the versions occur significantly more often. Cleaning up all of in a semi-automated way is easier without pending votes.
Outvotes  #827666
by Catesse (AU), 2015-12-16, 07:01  Spam?  
As long as the verifications don't cause outvotes. (I don't think that they do.) I'll go check them right now.
Poetry is confusing. Help? » answer
by frenchiefry (UN), Last modified: 2015-12-10, 04:27  Spam?  
I'm trying to translate the poem below into English while maintaining the rhyme scheme. I'm not 100% sure what the poem is about/what the poet is talking about, and therefore cannot know if I'm being accurate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Emprise: Birago Diop
Saint-Louis au bord de l'Océan
Paresseusement endormie
Quel songe bleu vers le néant
Hantais tes nuits toutes amies
Saint-Louis au bord de l'Océan ?
Au fond du passé qui recule
Où sont tous les beaux soirs d'été,
Sur l'horizon sans crépuscule
En pourpre brusquement jetés
Au fond du passé qui recule ?
Tout le charme des soirs enfuis
Lentement, lentement s'exhale
Du fond du sachet de l'ennui
Où languissant le rêve s'affale
Sous le charme des soirs enfuis.
Tout s'est enfui comme un mirage
Amours coupables d'un...
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La traduction est à peu près correcte, mais  #826882
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-12-10, 22:27  Spam?  
je tenterais de transformer l’octosyllabe français en tétramètre anglais, la production d’un rythme tant soit peu régulier me paraissant ici plus importante que la reproduction approximative du schéma des rimes.
Help With French Website » answer
by DicUsr999 (US), 2015-12-09, 04:12  Spam?  

A while back, I stumbled on a website with a picture of an antique still life painting:
Just the painting can be viewed here:

I have a print of that painting, and have been trying to find out about the artist.  The text from the webpage is listed below, but a translation has been no help in finding out anything about the actual artist.  The website must surely know something about the photograph they posted, but I suppose my feeble attempts at sending an email to a French website were pretty bad, and I never received a reply. I tried to correspond with them, but had no luck at all.  I also tried to open an account and log in, so I could send an email, but that didn't go so...
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Style  #826705
by Catesse (AU), 2015-12-09, 07:14  Spam?  
I cannot find the actual painting, but the style, with leaves and backlighting, is reminiscent of George Henry Hall. Very prolific. Very commercial. See what you think, if nobody comes up with a better idea.
Wikipedia(EN): George_Henry_Hall_(artist)
Here's a 20-century copy of this painting:  #826729
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-12-09, 13:38  Spam?  
A Few More Links That Use The Painting  #826769
by DicUsr999 (US), 2015-12-09, 20:50  Spam?  

Thanks for the lead to André Verdilhan.  I had not come across him before.  I suppose that he viewed, and painted a copy of the original.  It is a pretty close copy, but certainly a bit different in style.  I have added a composite picture, and some links that show the Exact painting that I am trying to identify.  It may not even be signed, but someone must know where the painting is, and something about it.  It has been reproduced a number of times on the internet.  I have tried converting the websites below, with Google, but can never find any references to just where this painting is, or who painted it.

This is a composite picture of the painting in question:
The top 1/2 is the actual painting used on the French Website, which I am trying to identify.
The bottom 1/2 is the painting by André...
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have you tried ....   #827757
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2015-12-16, 20:51  Spam?  
to search the main French museum collection from where André Verdilhan studied ?
I know he studied in the South of France, with his brother Louis-Mathieu and later in Paris, along an Italian sculptor...
Wikipedia(FR): Mus%C3%A9e_des_beaux-arts_de_Marseille

Hope that helps,
All grown up » answer
by atemp (US), Last modified: 2015-12-04, 14:44  Spam?  
I'm looking for an expression one might use in this scenario: an aunt approaches an adult nephew whom she hasn't seen since his childhood. She says in fondness, "Well, look at you! All grown up!"

Is there any suitable and believable equivalent FR phrase for this situation?

La tante française   #826333
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-12-05, 14:38  Spam?  
would either say: Mon Dieu,  Google: "comme tu as grandi" !

or: Mon Dieu, Google: "quel grand garçon tu es devenu" !

Google: Et maintenant, regarde-toi, comme tu as grandi. --  " Et maintenant, regarde-toi " -- is a direct (and clumsy) translation from English.
Voilà alors?  #826379
by Catesse (AU), 2015-12-06, 02:46  Spam?  
En effet.  #826656
by rabend (DE/FR), 2015-12-08, 17:49  Spam?  
by atemp (US), 2015-12-08, 18:36  Spam?  
Thanks very much!
Postcard from 1910 » answer
by Kldubs (UN), 2015-11-24, 01:56  Spam?  
Hello kind people of the forum,

I need your help translating a postcard from 1910 from French to English.

Found here:

Any help would be great appreciated - I have tried myself but as a non-French speaker I find it impossible to read the ornate hand writing.

Thank you and good day!
Transcription:  #825086
by rabend (DE/FR), Last modified: 2015-11-24, 16:26  Spam?  
Mr Ernest Darbaud


Vendredi 17 Juin 1910. -
Mon Cher Ernest. - Voilà une photographie de la Tour Eiffel qui permettra à ton papa de te montrer jusqu’à quel étage il est monté car je crois qu’il est allé à la Tour Eiffel lorsqu’il est venu à Paris. - J’ai reçu hier une lettre de Mr le Directeur de l’Ecole libre de Randan qui m’a fait grand plaisir. Je te renouvelle, mon bon petit enfant, pour toi et ta famille, mes meilleurs sentiments. A. R [paraph squiggle] . -

Cf. Google: "école libre de randan"
Wikipedia(EN): Randan,_Puy-de-D%C3%B4me Randan
Was this helpful?  #825351
by rabend (DE/FR), 2015-11-26, 19:19  Spam?  
furlough - American and/or general use » answer
by climatepatrol (CH), Last modified: 2015-11-20, 09:06  Spam?  
Furlough or "on furlough" is currently an unapproved dict suggestion for EN<>FR.
- furlough: I noticed there is a distinction in the online dictionaries between the American and the general use:
The monolingual "oxforddictionaries" summes it up like this:
British and world English - furlough: Leave of absence, especially that granted to a member of the services or a missionary: a civil servant home on furlough [count noun]: a six-week furlough in Australia.
In my opinion this can be translated into French as: "permission"" . The other entry "to be on furlough" = "être en permission" is also based on this. However, nitram sees both as American English.
I suggested another entry, but this time with American tag.
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Hello everyone, I have two questions here and need your helps. » answer
by Lincolnbonn (CN), 2015-11-19, 10:21  Spam?  
one question is, There are two sentences : Je suis habitué.   Leur vie est ranimée.  These two sentences are all active or passive tense?    Could be habitué and ranimée all adjective?

the other question is, why  the unpronounciable "e"  at the end of a word is pronounced as [ə] in some songs or speeches?  eg. Caresse.  Does it exist some reasons?

Thank you very much in advance :)
Songs  #824724
by Catesse (AU), 2015-11-21, 03:08  Spam?  
It is a feature of French songs that normally silent syllables with "e" may be sounded out. Why? Maybe it makes it easier to keep the rhythm flowing. They do it, so you just have to live with it.
The past participles that can also be used as adjectives are difficult to classify. In practical terms it does not matter, as long as you can use them correctly.
rabend » answer
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2015-11-14, 03:34  Spam?  
Ça va? For four hours, nothing on TV except the Paris attacks. My French has been getting a good workout. Hope you are tucked up safe at home with a good stock of provisions.
Merci, Catesse.  #824152
by rabend (DE/FR), 2015-11-16, 11:48  Spam?  
Quant à moi, tout va bien.

Mon fils se trouvait quelques minutes avant l’attentat devant le Bataclan. Ensuite, il s’est réfugié dans l’appartement d’un copain, à proximité. Il connaît des personnes qui ont assisté au concert en question, et un de ses amis a été blessé par balles.
Glad to hear you are OK.  #824163
by Catesse (AU), 2015-11-16, 13:20  Spam?  
I don't know how long this link will be available.
People are beginning to ask: "Why all this fuss about France? Recently Boko Haram killed over 2000 people in one day. And what about the recent outrages in Turkey and Beirut? They were in the news briefly for a day or two. Are some human lives worth more than others?"
The French Ambassador (Lecourtier) is a guest on a panel show tonight. (I have had enough for one day.) Maybe this attack in Paris will be the catalyst for serious coordinated action. It looked as though Obama and Putin were having a really serious talk today. Maybe if ISIS were to attack the Imperial Palace in Beijing???
Oui, il semble  #824197
by rabend (DE/FR), 2015-11-16, 18:07  Spam?  
qu’il y ait une sorte de hiérarchie dans la valeur des vies humaines, mais c’est l’échelle des valeurs des média, c’est la logique des média et non pas celle des hommes, je pense.
Quoi qu’il en soit, Paris symbolise, dans le monde entier, un idéal de liberté.

Le texte suivant est un bel exemple du rôle que notre petite ville joue dans l’esprit de beaucoup de personnes :

Cela explique peut-être pourquoi un attentat à Paris choque particulièrement
No man is an island.  #824241
by Catesse (AU), 2015-11-17, 02:57  Spam?  
Very well put.
On TV about half an hour ago, an independent member of the Federal parliament gave an interview in which he stated that Australia should withdraw all our (few) troops from the Middle East. If we were not fighting there, IS would have no reason to carry out terrorist activities in Australia. It is not our business if they carry out murderous attack in other countries.
Superficially attractive, but fatuously naïve. IS does not need a "reason".
However, there is an underlying spark of reason. Australia has enough on its hands with troubles in Timor, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, etc. We do not have the resources for even token police-work worldwide. Better that we look after our own region and do that properly.
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