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French-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or French and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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UK English spell checker doesn't flag USA English spelling » answer
by davefollmers (UN), Last modified: 2018-02-16, 13:10  like dislike  Spam?  
I have installed the UK English spell checker but I'm finding it accepts USA english and won't flag it as incorrect. I have found a workaround that involves going to Preferences / Language Settings / Writing Aids and disabling Hunspell Spell Checker. I am now using the Mac OSX spell checker which does flag USA spelling. Has anyone with this problem found a way to get the Hunspell Spell Checker to flag up USA spelling or should I be ok carrying on using the Mac OSX Spell Checker? In other words is there an advantage to using the spell checker Apache provide?


I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
[Industrial Animation Video](
EN: Which is the most satisfactory translation in French. » answer
by Sarashious (UN), 2018-01-18, 10:58  like dislike  Spam?  
Rate it 1-5 (1 as the best) (5 as the worst)

" • Adjustable pie shields for a busy pie making season; adjust to any size pie 8 to 11.5-inch including rimmed dishes

• Made of FDA food-safe silicone; heat resistant up to 500-degree Fahrenheit

• One-piece design makes it easy to use; flexible material makes it easy to store "

a- Des boucliers de croute à tarte réglables pour une saison de fabrication achalandée de tartes ; ajustez-les à toute taille de tarte de 8 à 11,5 pouces, y compris les plats bordés.

-Fabriqué en silicone alimentaire FDA, résiste des températures de 500 degrés Fahrenheit.

-La conception monobloc facilite l'utilisation, la flexibilité du matériau facilite le stockage.

b- Moule à tarte adaptable pour la saison des tartes : ajuster à n’importe quelle taille de tarte de...
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Most have some mistakes....some are not even accurate translation....  #885933
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2018-01-23, 20:07  like dislike  Spam?  
e is best of 5 (but I would only give it a 3 - feel free to ask why if you want to know...)

then a and c

less accurate b and d

Hope that helps,
Why chose 3 for e?  #886068
by Sarashiou, 2018-01-26, 08:13  like dislike  Spam?  103.207.10....
4;Matthieu Why chose 3 for e?
several reasons...  #886084
by matthieu- (FR/US), Last modified: 2018-01-26, 14:36  like dislike  Spam?  
Based on the English source meaning, there are some inaccurate parts.

— At first, I did enjoy seeing the units we all use in Europe and pretty much anywhere...
but we usually don't go farther than the mm - or one decimal after the cm (not 2)
20.3 cm and 29.2 cm would have been entirely perfect !

— ...pour une saison chargée de préparation de tartes,... I believe here we should have ...chargée en...
like in the expression : ....chargé en événements...

— Fabriqués par du Silicone alimentaire.... this is horrible ! I did not know that Silicone was making those pie shields !!! (yes that is what it means as of now...)
So to not change the wording much, — Fabriqués en silicone alimentaire,

— , ajustés à tous les diamètres   ... here I'd use ' ajustables à tous les diamètres..

— since the plural...
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Thank you! » answer
by cew (UN), 2018-01-17, 17:06  like dislike  Spam?  
Hi, My daughter an I are writing a silly children's book to give to family members.  It includes a Fox talking to his fox friends about a Dog, eg:
Oh.  Ha! Ha!  My friends.  Of course, you're wondering what this miserable cur is doing in my den.
Our best attempt:
Oh. Ha ! Ha ! Mes amis. Naturellement, vous demandez ce que cette malheureux bête fait dans ma repaire.

How did we do?  Thanks for any help you can give us.
not bad - mostly those pesky 'gender' issues.  #885932
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2018-01-23, 20:00  like dislike  Spam?  
Corrected : Oh. Ha ! Ha ! Mes amis. Naturellement, vous vous demandez ce que cette malheureuse bête fait dans mon repaire.

bête is its adj. should be in the fem. form = hence, malheureuse
repaire is masc... so its possessive pronoun should be in the masc. form = hence, mon
and the verb is reflective " se demander " - so you have vous once as the subject, and vous a second time as the reflective pronoun.

Hope that helps,
Thank you!  #885938
by cew (UN), 2018-01-23, 23:47  like dislike  Spam?  
Yes, helpful.  Thank you Matthieu.  I've made the change you suggest.

Here's another:
I caught this wretched beast trying to steal the bones I'd buried in teh clearing outside.  Of course, I could have chased him away, but I decided instead to make him clean my den in preparation for my birthday party.

My attempt:
J'ai attrapé ceci misérable bête essayant de voler les ossements que je enterré dans le zone ouverte extérieur.  Bien sûr, j'aurais pu simplement le chasser, mais au lieu de cela j'ai décidé de le forcer à nettoyer mon repaire en préparation de ma fête d'anniversaire.
by elizabeth doesnt know french, 2017-12-24, 15:02  like dislike  Spam?  118.210.129....
hey so this is an art project and i need the words ‘i cant pretend you’re here forever. stop.’ translated into french accurately. if someone could help me out with this i would be extremely extremely greatful. thank you.
From a french person  #884708
by Hellaure, 2017-12-29, 19:33  like dislike  Spam?  90.112.20....
Je ne peux pas prétendre que tu es là pour toujours. Stop
It would translate it pretty accurately to my mind.
you could also say "je ne peux pas faire semblant que tu seras toujours là. Arrête"
or...  #885270
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2018-01-10, 16:03  like dislike  Spam?  
Je ne peux prétendre que tu es là pour toujours. stop.


Je ne peux prétendre que tu seras là pour toujours. stop.

Hope that helps!
Is the translation good? » answer
by baboo (UN), Last modified: 2017-12-21, 03:07  like dislike  Spam?  
Hi, please help me check if the translation of this English text to French is good.  Are there any error or grammar mistakes? Thanks!

A navy captain is alerted by his First Mate that there is a pirate ship coming towards his position. He asks a sailor to get him his red shirt.The captain was asked, “Why do you need a red shirt?”The Captain replies, “So that when I bleed, you guys don’t notice and aren’s discouraged.” They fight off the pirates eventually.The very next day, the Captain is alerted that 50 pirate ships are coming towards their boat. He yells, “Get me my brown pants!

FR: Un capitaine de la marine a été alerté par son Second qu’un bateau pirate se dirige vers sa position. Il demande à un marin de lui amener sa chemise rouge. On posa la question au capitaine, « Pourquoi avez-vous besoin d’une chemise rouge ? » Le Capitaine réponds, « Alors c’est parce que quand je saigne, vous les gars vous ne le remarquez pas et ne vous découragez pas. » Ils se battent contre les pirates finalement. Le lendemain, le Capitaine est alerté que 50 navires pirates arrivent vers leur bateau. Il crie: « Amenez-moi mon pantalon marron
not bad - but mistakes...  #885268
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2018-01-10, 15:44  like dislike  Spam?  
mostly grammar/typosn
ex: le capitaine répond (no S) /
I'd also choose different terms now and then - but it's personal choice - no mistakes here.

Alors  -  Normalement, cette expression est suivie d'une virgule.

the : sign - Ce signe de ponctuation doit être précédé d'une espace.

and the ending punctuation is missing.

Hope that helps!
by baboo (UN), 2018-01-23, 00:42  like dislike  Spam?  
thank you Matt. It helps a lot :)
proposera guère brillante » answer
by Windbuchse (US), 2017-12-11, 04:09  like dislike  Spam?  
Translating the Memoirs of Langeron and have bumped up against this phrase:  ... on ne la lui proposera guar brilliant...

The full context is: Il semble intéressant de connaître l’opinion que le prince de Schwarzenberg se faisait à ce moment sur le sort de la guerre. Le 8 septembre, ilécrivait au prince de Metternich: « Je ne puis cependant pas me flatter que l’empereur Alexandre fera la paix sans tenter une nouvelle campagne; on ne la lui proposera guère brillante, et, alors, il croira pouvoir l’avoir au même prix l’été prochain après des efforts renouvelés. Si l’empereur Napoléon arrive à Moscou, que fera-t-il de la ville ? Elle est trop grande et vaste pour être brûlée, trop peuplée pour être occupée ou dépassée par l’armée en cas que l’autre voulût continuer sa constante retraite. C’est une guerre sur une...
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No answers?  #883804
by Windbuchse (US), 2017-12-12, 22:32  like dislike  Spam?  
Since apparently no one can provide any help with this, would it be reasonable to state that this is very poorly written french?
It's not poorly written French...just some 'old' meaning/say...   #885269
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2018-01-10, 15:55  like dislike  Spam?  
Excuse my tardy reply.

Yes, it is about the 'Peace' ... one will not present it as 'shinny' ( pricey / costly ) ( old meaning of brillant(e) = costly )
or - the peace will not be offered to him at extreme costs...

Hope that helps,
Business Name Query - De vs Des » answer
by ChrisWPB, 2017-12-04, 02:29  like dislike  Spam?  202.45.119...

My wife and I are starting up a small business, but are having troubles figuring out the correct translation. We would like our name to be 'Flowers of Lyonville' in French (Lyonville being our town).

Translated, should it be:

Fleurs de Lyonville
Fleurs des Lyonville

Thanks for your help!
DE  #883228
by Melie (UN), 2017-12-04, 06:39  like dislike  Spam?  
DE as in Café de Paris or
Savon de Marseille
Using "do" for emphasis » answer
by frenchieinamerica, 2017-11-17, 00:31  like dislike  Spam?  163.11.55....
I am having trouble translating the sentence here in bold, in this context:

They did not have the material resources they needed. What they did have was a partnership with someone to help them do the work.

Any suggestions?

by amalgame (CH), 2017-11-19, 16:38  like dislike  Spam?  
Par contre (ce qu'ils possédaient)
oui, ou encore...  #883338
by matthieu- (FR/US), 2017-12-05, 14:55  like dislike  Spam?  
Ce qu'ils avaient était un partenariat avec.....

Or you can reverse the sentence :
Un partenariat avec une personne les aidant à faire le travail est ce qu'ils avaient/possédaient.

Hope that helps!
Need some written dialogue checked » answer
by lep, 2017-11-09, 04:01  like dislike  Spam?  163.47.238...
Hi, I'm editing an MS for someone and they included several short sentences of French in the dialogue. I don't speak the language but think there might be a couple of mistakes and was wondering if there're any French speakers who could help me check, please?

Here's what my writer friend intended to say: "Every gorgeous girl could soon be mine. But you sure are looking fine. There's something that you do to me, I want to be with you tonight. And I will, my little lover."

Here's her French: "Et touts les belles filles pourraient etre a moi. Mais c'est vrai tu es super. Tu me fais quelque chose, je veux etre avec toi ce soir. Et je vont, mon peu amour."

She didn't use diacritics or anything, so with my very limited knowledge I rendered it: "Et toutes les belles filles pourraient être à moi. Mais ç'est vrai tu es super. Tu me fais quelque chose, je veux être avec toi ce soir. Et je vont, mon petit amour."

I don't know if that's better or worse... I want it to be grammatically correct, so I thought I'd better get some help. Thanks very much in advance.
Here's my translation  #882351
by frenchieinamerica, 2017-11-17, 00:28  like dislike  Spam?  163.11.55....
Toutes les belles filles pourraient être à moi. Mais c'est vrai tu es super. Tu me fais quelque chose, et je veux être avec toi ce soir. Et je le serais, mon petit amour.
by lep, 2017-11-17, 06:08  like dislike  Spam?  163.47.238...
Merci! :)
need help with email » answer
by kevinc (UN), Last modified: 2017-10-31, 16:42  like dislike  Spam?  
Please can someone help Me.?
I recently bought a drone in France and when I got it home it was broken (yes I know I should of tested it first LOL).
I contacted them by email in English about the problem. I had the reply translated and they asked me to send it back to them for repair. I sent it back fully complete. After weeks and weeks of waiting and sending emails they sent it back but it was not complete it had the batteries missing the charger missing and spare blades missing. I tried to contact them again but they are not replying .I would like to send them an e-mail in French hoping that they will understand and send me the parts I need to use the drone. Will anyone be able to translate this e-mail I want to send so I have a hope of someone understanding it? If you feel there is a better way of writing...
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